What can we do for you?

We offer you to handle the investment projects in your company at any stage of execution on the basis of outsourcing.
Our offer includes any stage of erecting new entity such as:
  • Assessment of the objects for adaptation to the needs of a particular retail entity
    considering standards and lay-outs of your company.
  • Assistance in negotiations of rental agreements and their technical assessment.
  • Preparing a preliminary documentation which allows for more detailed definition
    of the works to be implemented and connected with this schedule as well as cost evaluation.
  • To prepare a construction project, technical documentation
    and external labelling if necessary.
  • To give an assistance in handling the tender, the choice of the works contractor
    and equipment suppliers.
  • Supervision of the works as the inspector.
  • Assistance in commissioning, obtaining necessary permits and administrative decisions.
  • Supplies of indispensable facilities to the entity.
  • Supplies of necessary equipment, furniture etc.

Our offer includes overtaking your total investment and acting as a project supervisor in close cooperation with your technical services which allows you to sign the agreement with only one enterprise responsible for the whole of the construction works and comprehensive management of entire investment project.